Group of business people undergoing a performance training meetingIn today’s highly competitive markets, professional services people need more than just technical skills to succeed: excellent client communication and an awareness of relationship management processes is an essential part of the skill-set.

We help Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers, Technical Architects, Engagement Managers and business people in client-facing roles build the confidence needed to manage business relationships successfully.



Commercial Awareness

  • Client Communication Skills for Consultants and Project Managers


Business Presentation Skills

  • Telling a compelling, connected and interactive story
  • Relating to the audience’s own business issues and expectations
  • Involving and controlling all types of audiences, including sceptical and challenging ones


Managing Consulting Teams

  • Effective leadership of Professional Services people
  • Proactive management of consulting performance issues
  • Understanding individual motivations, personality styles and barriers to success


Making the Right Impact

  • Understanding emotional and rational needs
  • Analysing emotional responses and their triggers
  • Body language – especially business etiquette


Outstanding Customer Service

  • Principles of world-class service
  • Understanding customer psychology
  • Diagnosing rational and emotional needs


Negotiation Skills

  • Principles of Negotiation
  • Understanding buyer/vendor motivations
  • Competitive situations & strategies


Strategic Relationship Management

  • Understanding the wider strategic business context
  • Setting clear relationship goals
  • Planning the essential research