Strategic-PlanningMAPS is an account planning methodology designed for companies engaged in selling complex value propositions or higher-value enterprise solutions to large organisations. It is aimed at those organisations whose solutions can be deployed in more than one departmental area, can solve more than one business problem, or have the potential to be rolled out to larger user bases.

MAPS Components

The MAPS Major Account Planning System comprises a practical and common sense approach to building an account-specific sales strategy, and then executing against the resulting action plan. The methodology is based on real world experience, and supports the evolution over time of account knowledge and changes in account circumstances.

The MAPS Major Account Planning System incorporates a range of account planning and development tools, such as Account Maps, Opportunity Development Maps and Sales Action Plans. These are designed both to organise account knowledge into a formal structure and to reveal new selling opportunities. These elements support the strategic account objectives defined at the start of the workshop.

MAPS is ideal for providing sales people with a structured approach to:

  • setting clear account sales objectives
  • understanding account orientation
  • revealing account research requirements
  • prioritising resources
  • organising sales activities
  • mapping inter-related business problems
  • analysing political relationships
  • sharing sales strategies internally and with business partners
  • uncovering new sales opportunities
  • measuring progress towards account goals

The MAPS programme is a 2 day workshop, during which each delegate will use one of their active target accounts as a study example, thereby providing an immediate return on investment. The methodology delivers outputs in the form of sales actions aligned to the strategic account objectives. This means that sales people achieve the impetus to put the account plan into practice straight away, and are able to gain sales momentum quickly.

Using the MAPS Major Account Planning, account executives will be able to analyse their current orientation within an account, understand more fully their unique business value in each area, prioritise where to invest sales time, better qualify the importance of key individuals, assess the decision criteria in play, and quantify their progress against a standard format.

All our workshops can be supported with a continuous learning programme, including 121 management coaching.