Activity Management is a workshop designed to help sales people achieve peak performance by maximising their selling time, organising and prioritising key tasks, and developing their proactive planning skills. The outcome: maximum sales effectiveness with minimum time and resources.

office-discussion-1This course teaches the techniques and disciplines that enable top performing salespeople to form critical task management habits, and remain focused on the priority activities that lead to revenue generation. It is also suitable for anyone in a customer facing role with a desire to improve their organisational skills in a commercial context.

The workshop includes:

  • Categorising and organising selling tasks and activities
  • Prioritising critical selling activities
  • Creating personal momentum
  • Analysing your own sales potential
  • Monitoring effectiveness versus quota
  • Pipeline management
  • Dealing with deadlines and goals
  • What’s better: multi-tasking or singular focus?
  • Task Delegation and Ownership

Activity Management is a 1 day workshop for Sales, Pre-Sales and Consulting staff which is fun, interactive and, above all, practical. All our workshops can be supported with a continuous learning programme, including sales management coaching.