CHAPS Channel Account Planning System is an account planning methodology designed for companies selling products and services through a network of distribution and reseller partners. It is aimed at sales people and account managers who wish to develop strategic development plans with channel partners.

I_P_AThe Redline Channel Account Planning System (CHAPS) comprises a practical and common sense approach to building a partner-specific sales strategy, and then executing against the resulting action plan.

The Channel Account Planning System incorporates a range of account planning and development tools, such as Account & People Maps, Value Proposition Development, Stakeholder Profiling tools, Opportunity Analysis and Co-Selling Action Plans. The planning process creates practical, action-led account plans, organises account knowledge into a formal structure and reveals new selling opportunities.

What we cover:

  • Setting account objectives
  • Developing a partner sales strategy
  • Using the CHAPS Account Plan Template
  • Developing Account Map analysis tools
  • Understanding business drivers & winning mind-share
  • Profiling Stakeholders and Decision Makers
  • Developing a Co-Selling Plan
  • Value Proposition development
  • Incentive and Penalty management
  • Enablement and People Training Plans
  • Performance Management Planning
  • Joint Marketing Planning
  • Sharing and reviewing the Account Plan

The CHAPS workshop establishes a flexible method for the whole sales team to create account development strategies and to share a common language during team planning.

CHAPS is a 2 day workshop, during which each delegate uses one of their active client accounts as the subject of their first channel account plan.