chipsEffective sales negotiation can save money and materially improve a company’s profitability. If best practice can be replicated across your sales team, the combined benefits can be enormous. This course seeks to develop a win-win negotiating approach, based on building a trading relationship with your customers, replacing an over-reliance on discounting and other concessions.



Sales Negotiation Skills is a workshop for all business people wishing to improve their techniques and outcomes when negotiating with clients. This course is both a foundation skills workshop for staff new to selling, as well as a development workshop for experienced sales staff who need to improve their effectiveness in negotiation.

  • Principles of Sales Negotiation
  • Understanding buyer motivation
  • Competitive Situations
  • Planning sales negotiations
  • Developing a trading relationship, not a concession-making one
  • Using counter-arguments and creative tactics
  • Using a collaborative approach
  • Prioritising Needs, Wants and What’s Negotiable
  • Using escalation, 3rd parties and the client
  • Things to avoid: bluffing, lies and cheats
  • Pre-closing and reaching a decision

Sales Negotiation Skills is a 1 or 2 day practical and interactive workshop designed to develop further the competitive and closing skills of your salespeople . All our workshops can be supported with a continuous learning programme, including sales management coaching.