Shared Vision Selling is designed for sales people who wish to engage in a consultative relationship with their clients, and focus on discovering and solving business problems. The course teaches proven techniques and behavioural skills for winning by selling on value, not price. The core skills taught will arm your sales people with the ability to build a shared vision of value with your customers, which will differentiate your company and help secure long-term strategic partnerships.

lightbulb2This course is based on years of practical experience in the field, and study of the behavioural characteristics of the most successful solution sales people. Our selling methodologies are a combination of proven solutions selling techniques, real-world common sense, and the latest industry skills research.

The course includes:

  • Profiling and understanding buyer types
  • Identifying the ‘Agents of Change’
  • Adapting personal styles
  • Consultative questioning techniques
  • Uncovering and qualifying decision factors
  • Becoming a ‘business doctor’
  • Behavioural aspects of Value Selling
  • Consult vs. Confront – the Trusted Advisor
  • Building a ‘Shared Vision of Value’
  • Understanding business, personal and financial value
  • Moving from ‘vendor-on-demand‘ to ‘strategic partner‘
  • Creating competitive differentiation
  • Creating a sense of urgency in client sales cycles
  • Concluding the business as a ‘Win-Win’
  • ….and much more!

The workshop is practical, highly interactive and can be customised for your target vertical markets and solution offerings. Shared Vision Selling is a 2 Day course for sales people for all abilities and levels of experience. All our workshops can be supported with a continuous learning programme, including sales management coaching.