Group of business people undergoing a performance training meetingOur expert management development programmes are highly interactive, practical and designed for the real world, where business pressures require a straightforward skills-set for the 21st century.

Leadership and management are subtly different things, and neither necessarily depends on natural talent; both can be hugely improved with the right training and support.

We minimise the ‘management theory’ and emphasise the development of delegates’ own management techniques with constructive guidance.


Managing Teams for High Performance

  • 21st Century skills for managing high-performing teams
  • Getting the very best from your people
  • Developing effective leadership qualities


Sales Performance Management

  • Managing Sales teams for consistent high performance
  • Using a structured Sales Performance Management framework
  • Creating a high-achieving management environment


Managing Consulting Teams

  • Effective leadership of professional services people
  • Proactive management of performance issues
  • Understanding individual motivations, personality styles and barriers to success


Strategic Relationship Management

  • Leadership skills for managing executive-level relationships
  • Delivering results with strategic partners and clients
  • Managing complex enterprise relationships